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While preventive dentistry is beneficial in preventing tooth decay,  the unfortunate situation sometimes happens. When treating tooth decay, tooth-colored fillings are an effective and discrete choice in restoring a smile. At Stuetzer Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer our patients in Mayfield Heights tooth-colored fillings to get them smiling again in no time! To learn more about our dental tooth filling process or schedule your visit, contact our office!

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What is a tooth-colored filling?

Tooth-colored fillings are also known as composite fillings. These dental tooth fillings can get placed on either the front or back teeth. Tooth-colored fillings blend with the rest of the teeth, making it unnoticeable when you smile and talk after the dental tooth filling procedure. They also require less tooth removal than silver dental fillings, making them great to use for small to mid-sized fillings!

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How long does a tooth filling last?

A dental tooth filling can last for roughly ten years or more. Of course, the lifespan of a dental tooth filling will depend on the care the patient provides. Teeth grinding and clenching can also wear down the tooth filling sooner. Luckily, tooth-colored fillings are highly durable and can withstand the pressure from chewing.

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How much is a tooth-colored filling?

The final tooth filling cost will vary for each patient. On average, a tooth-colored filling will cost in the range of one hundred to two hundred dollars. Tooth filling cost gets factored by the amount of filling necessary and on which tooth gets filled. If tooth filling cost is a concern, many dental insurance plans offer some coverage for patients that need a dental tooth filling. Our office also accepts FSAs, HSAs, and CareCredit® if you need to finance the cost. To learn more about the tooth filling cost, visit our patient resource page or contact our office!

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