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Porcelain veneers are tooth-colored shells that are placed over the front teeth to protect and support them while simultaneously enhancing their appearance. Porcelain is a very durable material, so patients can expect their veneers to last for many years or even decades before they need to be modified or replaced. To learn more about dental veneers and how they can serve your smile, we recommend getting in touch with our office and scheduling an appointment with Dr. Stuetzer.

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What is the process for getting veneers?

The first step involves determining what you want your new dental restoration to look like. If a front tooth is discolored or misshapen, we will work with you to determine the new shape, size, and shade you want your veneer to be. A small amount of enamel will need to be removed from the tooth so the veneer will fit properly. Impressions are then taken, and a temporary veneer is placed. Once your new veneer has arrived from the lab, it will be cemented to the tooth, and final adjustments will be made to ensure that the veneer looks and feels great.

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Should I get a dental crown or a veneer?

Dental crowns and veneers are often used for many of the same reasons. Both choices can be used to cover and protect teeth that are discolored, misshapen, or have been affected by decay or dental trauma. However, patients will often go for dental crowns when it comes to restoring molars, while veneers are often only placed on front teeth. Veneers are a great choice for restoring the teeth that show when you smile because they can be customized based on your exact specifications and they tend to last longer than dental crowns.

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Will veneers make my teeth sensitive?

Since porcelain veneers require some of the enamel to be removed from the teeth, patients may experience some tooth sensitivity while they are wearing temporary veneers or shortly after they have their permanent veneers placed. During this time, it can be helpful to avoid foods and drinks that are very hot and very cold. You may also want to switch to a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Once your permanent veneers have settled onto your teeth, however, they should do a great job at protecting your teeth from damage as well as sensitivity.

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Can veneers fix crooked teeth?

Veneers can actually be used to not only make teeth appear brighter and more consistent in size but more uniform and symmetrical as well. If your teeth are slightly misaligned and you are also interested in cosmetically enhancing your teeth in other ways, veneers may be the perfect solution for you. Our team can assess your smile to help you determine if placing veneers over all of the front teeth that show when you smile will be the best option for achieving your cosmetic goals.

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Can veneers be whitened?

Traditional veneers are highly stain-resistant, which means that they will stay the same consistent, beautiful shade of white for many years. This also means that veneers cannot absorb teeth whitening products the way that natural teeth can, so they cannot be whitened by patients. When your custom veneers are being designed by our team, we will work with you to decide the precise shade of white that you will be happy with so that you won’t want to whiten your smile!

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Are veneers permanent?

Since porcelain veneers require some tooth enamel to be removed before they can be placed, they are considered permanent treatments. Tooth enamel is the hard outer layer of a tooth that protects it from harmful bacteria and dental trauma, so once this protective layer is removed, a dental restoration of some kind must always be present to protect the tooth. This is why we work one-on-one with patients to help them decide if veneers are the right choice for them.

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